Deceived: Star Wars (The Old Republic)

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived - Paul S. Kemp Video and computer games have definitely changed over the years. Most old-school Nintendo, Sega, and PC games had no backstory to speak of ("Tetris,") were based on another tale (such as a movie or TV show,) or weaved a yarn that wouldn't work in any other form (a perfect example being the "Super Mario Bros." movie). However, as with most art forms, gaming has evolved and advanced over the years, and computer and video games actually have become like interactive movies in a way. I've been largely outside of the gaming world since I sold my Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance in 2007, but I do read up on it occasionally, and I'm often surprised at what great strides the industry has taken since. What does video and computer gaming have to do with the book I'm reviewing, you ask? Simply put, "Star Wars: The Old Republic: Decieved" is based on a PC game. No, I haven't played it, so I can't compare this book to it, but I can tell you that, for a computer-game-turned-novel, this is excellently written and has a wonderful story. As "Star Wars" tales usually do, "Decieved" also makes a good point about the harmfulness and evil of exacting revenge, which is a great thing. I've never read any of Paul S. Kemp's works before, but, if "Decieved" is any indication, he is destined for great things. As far as content goes, there's some violence, but I can only recall one bloody scene. Space opera fans, read and enjoy!