Cascade: A Novel (River of Time Series)

Cascade - Lisa Tawn Bergren In my review of "Waterfall," the first entry in the "River of Time" trilogy, I called it "a chrono-trekking novel that is part fantasy, part historical fiction, and part Disney Channel Original Movie." That description could just as easily be for "Cascade," the sequel to "Waterfall." If you liked part one, you'll probably like part two as well. The novel was well-written, the story was great, and even the ending was a bit surprising. The only complaint I have is: I know the narrator is a teenage girl, but that doesn't excuse her wondering if some guys were gay because of the way they were looking at her OR the fact that they had a lavender tent. A crack like that is very immature and doesn't belong in a Christian novel, especially one written for teens. If you can forgive that, though, this makes for good reading.