The Golden Cross

The Golden Cross - Angela Elwell Hunt Angela Elwell Hunt continues her multiple-era historical saga of Cahira O'Connor's standard-defying female descendants with "The Golden Cross," part two of a trilogy. "Golden" may share the plot element of a girl disguising herself as a guy--which has also been seen in everything from Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" to Broadway's "Victor/Victoria" to even the 2006 Amanda Bynes film "She's the Man"--with its prequel "The Silver Sword," but that's really the only similarity, aside from it also being historical fiction. It actually works quite well; although it did take me longer than usual to finish it, it was just as engaging and engrossing as the first volume in the series. You don't really have to even read part one to understand part two, although the prologue may seem slightly confusing. In short, if you're looking for a good Christian historical fiction book to read, give this a try.