The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian - Shane Johnson As a long-time fan of Christian fiction and science fiction/fantasy, I couldn't resist picking up "The Last Guardian" when I saw it at a local used bookstore. I've been working through it for several days, and just finished it a minute or two ago. What did I think? In many ways, it was excellent. It had a riveting allegorical yarn with plenty of action and suspense. The story is a bit weird; if you're not a fan of Madeleine L'Engle's "Time Quintet," you definitely won't like "The Last Guardian," because things get much stranger in the latter than in the former, and they both deal with time travel and interstellar transport. Still, like a good fantasy movie, it's easy to get wrapped in "The Last Guardian" and not realize how implausible it is. In short, if you like reading Christian allegories, you'll probably like this; just prepare to invest copious time, because "The Last Guardian" is involving, but long.