Babylon Rising

Babylon Rising -  Tim Lahaye;Greg Dinallo Even if you absolutely hate books, you most likely have heard of the "Left Behind" series. For many people, that bestselling apocalyptic saga is all they have experienced and/or know of when it comes to the world of Christian fiction. That's actually a shame, in my opinion; although the story contained in those books is good, Jerry Jenkins' shoddy writing style made it hard for me--a longtime reader of Christian literature--to stomach even three books' worth, which amounts to less than twenty-five percent of the series. Not only that, but there are much better Christian novelists--Melody Carlson, Frank Peretti, Bill Myers, Rachel Hauck, Bodie and Brock Thoene, Janice Thompson, etc.--that don't have the name recognition the "Left Behind" authors have. After reading that, you might expect me to give "Babylon Rising" a negative review, but I won't, because it actually was very good. Although it was created by Tim LaHaye, who also created "Left Behind," Greg Dinallo's wordsmithing is far superior to Jerry Jenkins' any day of the week. This is actually my second time reading it; I found the entire series at a yard sale a few years ago, and found the entire series to be riveting, especially the last two or three volumes. This introductory novel doesn't have as much action as the latter three volumes, but that's only because LaHaye and Dinallo need to set up the story for the later volumes. Think of this one as the backstory for a video or computer game as told through an opening cinema sequence or in the game's manual; it may not be as exciting as actually playing it, but you need it to understand how to reach the ending.