Expiration Date

Expiration Date - Eric Wilson If you read the synopsis on the back cover of "Expiration Date," no doubt you thought of the recent Justin Timberlake film "In Time". Although their plots are similar, "Expiration Date" was published in 2005, so it isn't a knock-off of J.T.'s film; it may be the other way around. Along with "In Time", "Expiration Date" contains elements of "Early Edition" with a little bit of "That's So Raven" thrown in there. However, at no point does it feel derivative of any other media. "Expiration Date" is actually a largely well-crafted, well-written thriller, though it does have some problems: One, there wasn't as much action as I was expecting. Two, there were some notable typos. Lastly, the ending is a bit strange. For those who enjoy science fiction/fantasy-based thrillers, though, you'll probably like this.