The Christmas Rescue (Secret Agent Father, Book 2)

The Christmas Rescue (Love Inspired Suspense #221) - Laura Scott Paperback series romances, in my experience, have been given a lot of negative hype. I've heard them referred to as everything from "cheap romance and drama" (Jill Taylor, "Home Improvement") to "not having enough content" (a friend of mine and fellow bibliophile.) Those statements may be true for some paperback romances, but "The Christmas Rescue" definitely wasn't one of them. Although "Rescue" wasn't anything revolutionary or profound, it had an enjoyable story with great writing, including the proper usage of a word that I'd never heard or read before. (Shocker, I know!) In some ways, it read like a Hallmark telefilm, which isn't a bad thing. I can't recommend paying full price for this one, but, if you're looking for a holiday-themed romance/suspense novel this Christmas season, check your local library for "The Christmas Rescue." You will be glad you did.