Survivors (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 4)

Survivors - Jean Lorrah I may be in the minority, but I've always preferred "The Next Generation" to the original "Star Trek". Although the space-faring adventures of Picard and crew usually have just as much action and drama as those of Kirk and Spock, the latter seem to be plagued by negative elements, such as profanity and sexual content, more often than the former. I'd had "Metamorphosis" in my collection for a few years now, but my copy just sat around until I decided to give it a read today. What did I think? In many ways, it was great. The android's desire to be human has been explored in science fiction for decades, but Jean Lorrah does quite well with it. The only problems were a little language and innuendo, but, for Trekkies like me, this is still worth a read.