Waiting for Morning (Forever Faithful, Book 1)

Waiting for Morning - Karen Kingsbury In my review of "Family," the penultimate book in Karen Kingsbury's "Firstborn" pentalogy, I said: "I've said this in previous reviews, but it also applies to this book: If you liked the previous tales of the Baxter family, you'll most likely enjoy this one...but if you didn't care for the prior installments, then don't even bother with "Family". That statement alone probably tells you whether or not this is for you." The same applies to "Forever," the series' finale. I must also say that the ending segues into the events of the next series, and will make you want to get your hands on "Sunrise," the subsequent Baxter tale, as soon as you can. (Yes, I already have a copy.) One other positive comment: One of Ms. Kingsbury's strengths is describing what's going on in her characters' minds, and that talent shines even brighter in this novel than in her previous works. When you read about the Baxter family and their struggles, you feel what they're going through, and you understand why they're doing what they are. That is a sign of an excelllent writer.