Q-Squared (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Q-Squared - Peter David Peter David has written numerous books, mostly within two genres that I love: superhero fiction and space opera. His novelization of "Spider-Man 2" (my favorite movie of all-time) was a bang-up blast that did justice to the cinematic arachnoid adventure it was based on. That writing prowess was also what made "Q-Squared" a fun, exciting read. The "multiverse" plot is quite hard to do, but David did it really well and even had fun with it. I did have some minor complaints: a moderate use of profanity, a few sexual references/innuendoes, and annoyingly short chapters; however, that didn't take too much away from "Q-Squared". In short, if you're a fan of the adventures of Picard and crew, this is worth checking out.