Nightshade (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 24)

Nightshade - Laurell K. Hamilton "Star Trek" novels usually spin a good science fiction yarn, but one problem that usually plagues them is a moderately high use of profanity. Bibliophiles will probably recognize Laurell K. Hamilton as the author of Gothic fiction, such as the "Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter" series. I haven't read any of Ms. Hamilton's other works; their covers are enough to keep me away. Still, when I saw that she had written a "Trek" novel, I decided to pick it up, if only out of curiosity about what she could do with such a saga. It turned out to be possibly the biggest pleasant surprise in all my years of loving literature. The story was great; it really kept me involved. I found the writing clear and readable, yet eloquent. The best part, though? Very little, if any, profane language or other offensive content was in this novel! What a surprise! I'd check out Laurell K. Hamilton's other works if they weren't so dark!