The Secret at Pheasant Cottage

The Secret at Pheasant Cottage (Patricia St John Series) - Patricia St. John Ever since Judy Blume's books became best-sellers, the juvenile fiction market has been flooded with literature about serious issues that young children often face, such as death in the family, parental abandonment, divorce, etc. Patricia St. John's "The Secret at Pheasant Cottage" is among the thousands of such novels. It's pretty much standard kiddie chapter book fare; the writing is decent, and the story okay, but, despite this being Christian fiction, I honestly feel that there are much better juvenile books out there than this. It's unlikely that you'd ever find this book, anyway; I'd never heard of Patricia St. John before purchasing "The Secret at Pheasant Cottage," and the copy I have says and looks like it's a few decades old. Maybe a younger child would like this, although the antiquated language (such as using "queer" as a synonym for "strange") would likely confuse them. I hate to say it, but, unless you love all juvenile fiction, this isn't worth your time.