Planet X (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Planet X - Michael Jan Friedman As someone who loves both space operas and superheroes, I was quite delighted to find this "Star Trek"/X-Men crossover novel, which I just finished reading, at a local used bookstore. What did I think of the book? It was actually very good. Michael Jan Friedman is not among my favorite authors, but he really pulled this off wonderfully. I do have to admit that it was weird having Captain Picard and Professor X appear in the same story, when they are two different characters both played by the same actor. Since "Planet X" was published in 1998, one wonders if this wasn't written in order to drum up interest for the inaugural "X-Men" film that came out just a year later. Whatever the reason for its publication, if you like Picard and crew as well as those uncanny mutants, you'll probably like this.