The Priest's Graveyard

The Priest's Graveyard - Ted Dekker As I've said in my previous reviews of his works, Ted Dekker has become a force to be reckoned with in the modern literary world. Between the allegorical science fiction/fantasy novels, the action-packed thrillers, and even some non-fiction of his, Dekker's writings have regularly garnered praise from all over, including both Christian and mainstream press. It's books like "The Priest's Graveyard" that show why he gets such rave reviews. Plenty of action, an insanely engaging plot, a killer twist at the end...this one has it all. I do have to issue a warning: The violence in "Graveyard" is pretty intense and graphic at times. Also, although I liked said "twist," what happened after that, especially in the last few pages, seemed too Hollywood-ish for me. (If you've read it, you know why.) Still, aside from those issues, this is definitely worth reading.