Day of War (Lion of War Series)

Day of War (Lion of War #1) - Cliff Graham David, the shepherd/king/psalmist, is right up there with Noah and Moses as one of the best-known and best-loved Old Testament heroes. Most people know about his infamous battle with the giant Goliath, but there's much more to King David's life than just that. "Day of War" discusses in rather intense detail how God's chosen people went to battle. It's wonderfully written and engaging; however, I wouldn't recommend it for kids or younger teens. There are some quite lurid descriptions, both violent and sexual, in "Day of War" that make it inappropriate for young people. You may think I'd find that a problem, but I don't; since the Bible is one hundred percent true, it's good to see biblical events depicted as they most likely really happened, even if that means it's not kid-friendly. For those who aren't too young or squeamish to read something like this, it makes for good reading material, although some allusions may not make sense to people who are largely unfamiliar with the Bible.