Lunatic (The Lost Books, No. 5)

Lunatic (The Lost Books, No. 5) - Ted Dekker;Kaci Hill As many rave reviews as Ted Dekker's mystery/thriller novels have gotten, I've always preferred his fantastical allegories. Sure, "Adam" and "The Bride Collector" were great, well-written reads, but Mr. Dekker was at his best when he wrote "The Circle Trilogy" and "The Books of Mortals". "Lunatic" in the penultimate volume in "The Lost Books" series, which ties into the saga told in "Black," "Red," and "White". As usual for Mr. Dekker's writings, I found it to be a masterfully written and engaging story. I do have to issue a caution: You see the person on the cover? Well, I don't want to give too much of the book away, but I will say that he/she turns out to be very creepy, moreso than he/she looks in that illustration. So, if you get easily scared by literature--I don't--I'd recommend staying away.