Stealing Bradford (Carter House Girls, Book 2)

Stealing Bradford - Melody Carlson Melody Carlson is easily one of the most prolific Christian writers of our time. Between kiddie/tweenie fiction series, Yuletide novels, and woman-centric dramas, she has written over two hundred books. You may think that producing literature at such a rapid pace would make Ms. Carlson's works low in quality, but, in my experiences with them, I've found them to be the exact opposite; "Stealing Bradford" is a perfect example. Like a well-produced Disney Channel Original Movie--although slightly harder-edged, especially at the end--this novel deals honorably and tastefully with serious issues that teens are quite liable to face in the real world. This is a sequel, so I would recommend reading "Mixed Bags," the series' debut, first. Older readers may not be too enthused about this, but those who are still young and/or young at heart will probably find this enjoyable. Just make sure you have the sequel on hand; the final few chapters' events will leave you hanging until the next installment.