Summer Promise/A Whisper and a Wish/Yours Forever (The Christy Miller Series 1-3) (Christy Miller Collection, Volume 1)

Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 1 - Robin Jones Gunn In a Judy-Blume-meets-Karen-Kingsbury style, this opening novel in "The Christy Miller Series" deals with serious issues--some spiritual, some not--from a youngster's perspective. Frankly, as a longtime reader of Christian fiction, I've seen this kind of thing before in the works of other authors, such as Melody Carlson. "Summer Promise" is well-done, don't get me wrong; I just found it to be everything that I expected from a female-fronted young adult novel...and nothing that I didn't expect from such a book. If you enjoy teen-oriented Christian novels, you'll probably like this; still, I can't fight the generic, basic-cable-esque vibe it had.